Kanafeh كنافة

One of my favorite sweets is Kanafeh ,and yesterday we visited the best place to eat it - Jafar sweets in the old city of Jerusalem.

Mohammed Jafar opened a small pastry shop in the heart of the old city, in 1951 after having a full complete, accurate and skillful command and mastery of the craft. 
 An industry practiced only by professionals who did not teach or reveal the secrets of this craft. They did not give the standard weights and measures used in this industry to any one even to their workmen.
 Following their father’s steps Jafar’s sons still carry on the genuine tradition of making oriental sweets using the original unique recipe, as well as other delicious Arabic and European pastries. The heritage and tradition established years ago, carries on at Jafar four branches in the old city of Jerusalem, Bait Hanina, Eddahiet and Ramallah. 

Maybe because Muslim women do not sit in Nargilla joints , the place is crowded with girls and young mothers.
What a refreshing sight!

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