Bauhaus inspired Fashion Editorial

Inspired by the Bauhaus architecture, we shot this fashion editorial in the streets of Tel Aviv.

photographer - Miri Davidovitz
stylist - Davina Lubelski
hair & makeup - Matan Sabag
models - Maya Hay and Inbar Yacobi (Elinor Shahar PM)


Behind the scenes in Rahat

We went to Rahat, the Bedouin town in the Negev, for a fashion shoot. 
You are welcome to have a glimpse of behind the scenes. 

Long sleeves everywhere in Rahat

Color in the market


Getting ready

Finding a comfortable spot in the market 

At the market, Rahat

The King and I

Textile shop in the market of Rahat


Touch ups in the desert

It's a wrap

Through the eyes of our model Ole

Amazing place


Tel-Aviv like a local - Allenby Street

What could be better than enjoying Tel-Aviv like a local ? But you have to choose your local, right ?! 

Bright young things on Allenby st.

I am a photographer, and have been practicing my art for nearly 30 years now.
 I like beautiful and perfect things and places, but I also like them to be a little bit run down, a little shabby, a little wrong. 
I like the mix.
This is my motto, in short.

So let's start.
 Tel-Aviv has three lovely boulevards - Ben-Gurion Bl., Chen Bl., and the trendiest of them all -  Rothschild boulevard.
All three are very pleasant, and definitely worth strolling along but my favorite street would be a rather noisy, messy and restless street - Allenby st.

This is where the heart of Tel-Aviv beats now, and always has, though it was hidden at times..

Eclectic architecture, grey street, blue collar people

Firstly I like the street because of it's light, which is the first thing I look at as a photographer.
 It's very urban and grey, yet there are quite a lot of trees, that soften the harsh Israeli light and make it 
much more interesting photography wise.
And then there is an incredible mix of people, architecture, art , cafes, shopping and night life .
Let's have a look at some favorite spots :

Stairway from the Twenties of last century. Falling apart and beautiful. Original wooden railings and hand painted tiles.

1. Lift up your head and look at the buildings. Walk into run down entrances to investigate and see the eclectic charm of old world Tel-Aviv (called Little Tel-Aviv) .
 Hand painted tiles, beautiful wood work and even an occasional wall painting.

2.  Updated, trendy gazoz at Cafe Bialik. Gazoz is an old fashioned soda (with syrup), that used to be popular in the early years of Tel-Aviv. 
It has been revived lately with natural syrups and herbs, much to my delight.
Cafe Bialik is a place of locals, colorful and pleasant, and it has live shows every evening, some with well known Israeli artists.  
39 Allenby st.


The Bialik house - Majestic stairway

3. Bialik st. is a small side street of Allenby street and is definitely worth visiting.
It's home to some really amazing buildings, demonstrating the best examples of the International Style (Bauhaus) and the Eclectic style.
But the real reason to visit, is a little house at it's end, that once was the residence of Chaim Nachman Bialik, the very loved national poet of Israel - The Bialik House
The house has been beautifully renovated, and is a lovely museum now.
Both preserving the house exactly as was when the poet lived there, some 80 years ago, and his heritage.
The Bialik House also hosts contemporary exhibitions and literary events.
There is a small fee to pay and it's worth it.

Vanity - best vintge

4. Vanity, the best vintage shop in Tel-Aviv, is run by the beautiful Orna Shaul, with a distinct feminine touch.
 The shop is located right of the corner of 50 Allenby st. (51 Ge'ula st. to be precise), and is a favorite among the Tel-Aviv cool crowd.
Shaul "hunts" vintage treasures in Europe and Israel and she has a distinct touch. 

Incredible greens at Hacarmel Market

5. Hacarmel market that starts at 60 Allenby street, was founded more than a 100 years ago, and is still very fresh and lively.
It is a big market where you can buy everything -  clothes, vegetables, spices, meat, souvenirs, candy, bread etc. 
And also sit down for a meal or a coffee. 
The alleys around the market are full of interesting places - men's clubs for card playing, whole area of spices shops, graffiti, authentic bakeries that only bake one kind of specialty (or two :)), trendy little cafes and bars, many small restaurants of home style cooking and an extensive meat district that I find interesting but can be repulsive to some, and is also home to a first class meat restaurant.
And so much more.
The market changes as the day rolls along. My favorite time is towards the evening, when the stalls turn on their big light bulbs , and the market looks more magical. 

All the Israeli presidents came to Pri-Or Photo House to get their portrait taken

6. The Photo House is a really amazing archive, gallery and gift shop, that has been operating since 1936.
For 71 years Pri-Or Photo House resided in 30 Allenby st. Unfortunately 7 years ago the building was pulled down in favor of a new taller one, and the institution had to move (it was meant to be temporary, but you know the saying - there is nothing more permanent than the temporary) to a new place, of Allenby - 
5 Tchernichovski st.
In the shop you can find really beautiful photographs of Israel's history, and Tel-Aviv in particular.
This is the perfect place for getting some home decoration and presents or just updating your history knowledge.  

The Poli House Hotel - Classic White City Bauhaus Architecture

7. This iconic building, on the corner of 62 Allenby st, right next to Hacarmel market, is a great example of Bauhaus architecture, from 1934.
The building has been recently restored, beautifully, and is now home to the Poli House, a boutique hotel with a roof top swimming pool.
 Although I haven't stayed there, I would guess that it is a great place for the adventurous traveler who likes a bit of luxury at the end of the day.

Even the deserted synagogue is a fine example of Eclectic Architecture. The name of the architect is proudly presented on the wall.

8. Allenby is a heaven of eclectic architecture. The street was founded in the 1920's and and it's builders fantasized combining European castles with Oriental ornaments, hence beautiful romantic buildings.
Unfortunately most of them are really crumbling down to the ground, like this deserted synagogue, designed by Yehuda Magidovitch
, the architect who planned many buildings on the street.

Modern Nostalgia - Ata

9. Most of the the fashion sold on Allenby is cheap stuff from the East.
The first brand to take advantage of the special, nostalgic atmosphere of the street is Ata.
An original Israeli brand that has been shut down and only recently restored, it takes inspiration from the work clothes of the Israeli pioneers, giving it a very cool interpretation. 
The shop is located on 93 Allenby street and offers in addition to great clothes, also accessories, cosmetics and more. 
All original Israeli. 

Courtyard beauty - Edmund cafe

10. Pay attention to the inner courtyards of Allenby.
Some interesting workshops, libraries and simple technicians are located in these secret spaces. 
Some have been turned into cafes and restaurants, sheltered from the noisy street, like this one -  Edmund cafe, at 97 Allenby street.

Oldest second hand book shop in Tel-Aviv - 88 Allenby street

11. As a teenager my main attraction to the street was this second hand book stall, at 88 Allenby, that made me fantasize of the book stalls on the Seine in Paris.
I still find it very romantic and love looking through the books, trying to find some special editions.
Apart from this stall, Allenby street has lots of second hand book shops, in endless languages.
These shops are a bit pale and hidden so pay good attention.

Spotted on Allenby street

12. The people on this street are extra diverse. The majority is hard working class folk, unfortunately a lot of homeless and beggars ( I stopped myself from taking their photos to respect their dignity), many old dignified ladies and also many colorful millennials. Just take your pick. People watching on the street is great.

Beta Ve Grega - The spirit of the new Allenby

13. Beta ve Grega, 121 Allenby st., epitomizes the new spirit of the street.
 Established in 2009 it caters to a very diverse and cool clientele. Although it looks rather shabby the food is always excellent.
 I especially like the tiny dishes served with attention that go well with alcohol or coffee. 
I like sitting in the cafe and watching the different characters passing by. 
Because it is at the very end of Allenby and near the seedy central bus station,
 you can see a lot of migrant workers and refugees, side by side with pretty boys and aspiring artists.
I used the cafe as a backdrop for a fashion shoot a few years ago.

Hamigdalor - inspiring book shop

14. Right across the street from Beta Ve Grega, (1 Levontin st. to be precise), is Hamigdalor (meaning - The Lighthouse),
 definitely one of the best bookshops in Tel-Aviv.
Hamigdalor has a great selection of books in English too, and beautiful art books.
 Together, on the premises with it, is Square Island, a small studio, specializing in printing Instagram photos, very professionally. 
I use it occasionally for printing small projects.

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The Blue Cube - הקוביה הכחולה

In Israel almost all of us live in apartments with white walls. 

So quite naturally, the blue apartment of Gregory Israel Abou hypnotized me. 

 A blue cube with a floor of mats and a space that changes,

 between a house and a store, between a studio and a gallery,

 with intriguing and refined objects. 

 The owner of the apartment, Gregory Israel Abou is

 a multidisciplinary artist, a clothing curator,

 a new/old immigrant from France and a designer. 
חדר השינה. מצעים - מאירה סיטון


חומרים טבעיים

I asked Abou a few questions :

M: What is the origin of your name?

A: Algeria

M: Where were you born ?

A: Near Paris

M: What did you do in Paris ?

A: I had a design studio and I was always independent

 M: Was your style in Paris spiritual

or did you dance all night in clubs ?

 A: It's a process and it does not come suddenly! Like being an

 artist! But I have to say that in Israel it affects !!!! There is

 special energy and all my difficulty here forces me to be more

 spiritual. And after 11 years of practice, yoga also affects me

 M: What made you immigrate to Israel ?

A: I was at the end of a life cycle

And I always wanted to try to live in Israel because I am a Jew. Also I love the sun.

And I thought it would be easier to find my wife here!

But I see that it is not simpler! 
פשטות - גרגורי ישראל אבו

לקרוא - זה חשוב. אור השמש גם

M: What are the five things you like the most in Israel and the five things you hate ?

A: Israel, the land, the sun
Feeling good and comfortable in the streets
What people do with nature
Everything revolves around food
The violence of people in general
Lack of beauty and lack of tenderness

 M: What of all your occupations is most important
A: That people who work with me or buy something from me will be happy

 M: What are you dreaming about?
A: Living in a wooden house in a forest

 M: What’s important to consider when choosing clothes
A: Quality and beauty and clothes that go beyond the trend

M: What's important when designing a house
A: also beauty and giving space and multi functionalists
Rather than copy from a design magazine

M: Who is the ideal woman in your eyes?
A: Aya
מנורת הקריאה מעל למיטה

השראה מבגדי עבודה


ארון הבגדים. שקיפות בכל

פינת עבודה רב תכליתית

גרגורי על שמיכות יוגה. מחצלות טאטאמי. את החדר משנים לעיתים קרובות בהתאם לצרכים. על הקיר עבודות אמנות של אבו

M: What do you think you'll do when you're old ?

A: The same things but I hope in an even more cool and correct way

Try to give good energy.

 M: What do you see as the art of life?

A: Come and live with me for a few days

No explanations, you need to live! But it is clear that the mixing of all kinds of fractions of



Understanding what our need is

Finding out who we are and showing it

Flow with nature and modernity

To create !

עבודת קליגרפיה עם אותות עבריות והצצה למטבח

כלי אוכל מקרמיקה מעוטרת זהב. פשטות יוקרתית

בישראל כמעט כולנו חיים בדירות עם קירות לבנים.      י
לכן, מובן מאליו שהדירה הכחולה של גרגורי ישראל אבו היפנטה אותי.                י
 קוביה כחולה עם ריצפת מחצלות ובתוכה חלל שמשתנה בין בית לחנות, בין סטודיו לגלריה, עם אובייקטים מסקרנים ומעודנים.               י
 בעל הדירה , גרגורי ישראל אבו הוא אמן רב תחומי, אוצר בגדים, עולה חדש/ישן מצרפת ומעצב       
 שאלתי את אבו כמה שאלות

מ : מה מקור השם שלך           
א: אלג‘יר

מ : איפה נולדת
א: ליד פאריס

מ : מה עשית בפריז 
א: היה לי סטודיו לעיצוב ותמיד הייתי עצמאי

 מ : האם גם בפריז הסגנון שלך היה רוחני 
או שרקדת כל הלילה במועדונים
 א : זה תהליך וזה לא בא פיתאום !!! כמו להיות אמן ! אבל אני צריך להגיד שבישראל זה משפיע !!!! יש אנרגיה מיוחדת וגם כל הקושי שלי פה דוחף אותי להיות יותר רוחני. ובנוסף אחרי 11 שנים של תירגול גם היוגה משפיעה עלי

 מ : מה גרם לך לעלות לישראל
א : הייתי בסוף של מחזור בחיים
ותמיד רציתי לנסות לחיות בישראל כי אני יהודי. אני גם אוהב השמש. במקביל קרה סיפור מיוחד וסודי
וחשבתי שיהיה יותר קל למצוא אישתי פה!                י
אבל אני רואה שלא פשוט יותר !              י

 מ : מה חמשת הדברים שאתה הכי אוהב בישראל ומה חמשת הדברים שאתה שונא

א : ישראל, הארץ ,שמש
להרגיש טוב ונוח ברחובות
מה שאנשים עושים עם הטבע
הכול מסתובב סביב אוכל
האלימות של האנשים באופן כללי
חוסר יופי וחוסר עדינות

 מ : מה מכל העיסוקים שלך הכי חשוב
א : שאנשים שעובדים איתי או קונים משהו אצלי שיהיו שמחים

 מ : על מה אתה חולם
א : לגור בבית עץ ביער

 מ : מה חשוב לקחת בחשבון כשבוחרים בגדים
א : איכות ויופי ובגדים שעוברים מעבר לטרנד

מ : מה חשוב כשמתכננים בית
א : גם יופי ולתת חלל ומולטי פונקציונליסטים
ולא להעתיק ממגזין של עיצוב

מ : מי האשה האידאלית בעינייך
א : איה

 מ : מה נראה לך שתעשה כשתהיה זקן
א : אותו דבר אבל מקווה בצורה עוד יותר מדליקה ונכונה
לנסות לתת אנרגיה טובה

 מ : מה זה בעיניך אמנות החיים
א : תבואי לחיות אצלי כמה ימים
אין הסברים צריך לחיות ! אבל ברור שעירבוב בין כל מיני שברים של
להבין מה הצורך שלנו
לגלות מי אנחנו ולהוציא את זה החוצה
לזרום עם הטבע והמודרניות
ליצור !               י
רחוב שרעבי  2 , תל אביב

הסטייל של אבו, כולל האופניים