Pregnancy photography

My opinions on "pregnancy photography" have already been stated in the past in my Hebrew blog
Therefore when a local fashion magazine "AT" asked me to photograph the pregnant actress Marina Shoyf ,I put a bit more thought into the issues involved.
I performed a search of other examples of photographs of pregnant women and to my surprise discovered that aside from the groundbreaking image of Demi Moore shot by Annie Leibowitz there are very few known photos of celebrity pregnancies.
I don't recall seing many shots of Madonna during her various pregnancies and she is well known to exploit any image deemed worthy of publication.
I reached the conclusion that regardless of the hype,the pregnant look is not sexy.
I discovered pictures of a pregnant Brittney Spears and she just looked like an over-inflated version of herself.
I further found that the first published photos of the pregnant form were by a woman photographer by the name of Imogen Cunningham.

Her shots are from 1959. Surprising and impressive.
While adding up my pros and cons to this form of photography,I decided to shoot Marina with classic lighting,in the studio with a strong expression.
Why? Because that seemed to me to be correct.
I thought that Marina,a very sexy lady,doesn't need to be shown as if basking in the glow of motherhood,but as she is,a rock& roll girl who just happens to be pregnant.
I also took a picture of her small in front of the immensity of nature.
Because it is beautifull,and pregnancy shows this.

In order to see the photographs I took of Marina Shoyf please visit my Hebrew blog .

You can also see the photographs at nrg - the site of At magazine.

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