Israeli photographer for Maxi magazine

I first heard of the intriguing story of Sarah Enfeld from the German woman's magazine "Maxi"
Up until about 2 years ago Sarah was married and the mother of two small children ,living in a very Orthodox Jewish community .
Then she started to write her blog:"Hole in the sheet" on the secret world of the Hasidic community where she was living in Ashdod.
In her blog which she wrote anonymously , she gave ,to all, a glimpse into the very closed world of her society,the state of women,the sexual tendencies,the laws of this community.
Due to her revelations, she decided to quit the community ;she lived for a while in the street and today she lives in Ramat Gan with her boyfriend and her two children as a free modern woman.
Many are inspired by her and many despise her.
Charidim and Cheridot read her blog in private and even respond,especially as she is one of their only source of information and gossip from within.
Two weeks ago I was contacted by the creative manager of Maxi from Hamburg Sybille Scharmann, and was commissioned to photograph Sarah for an story about her for the May issue of Maxi.
Sybille found me through my site and liked my outlook on young modern women.
In order to prepare for the shoot I arranged to meet with Sarah.
I met an attractive young woman .
I was very impressed.
I put a lot a lot of thought into how and where to photograph her.Her as the subject with Tel -Aviv as a backdrop her new natural geographic surroundings.
I shot her in a coffee-bar,in the street before also shooting her on the beach and then in her apartment.
I add here a "behind the scenes" shot and am looking forward to seeing the published article in May.
I will,of course,keep you informed.

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