Together in Prague

me , very cold , in Prague

The conference hall at the Prague Hilton

An alley in Kampa ,Prague

I have just come back from a weekend in Prague.
I was invited there to give a lecture about medical photography in front of 1200 doctors.
Wow !
The conference took place at the Hilton , and was dedicated to a new medicine developed by Roche to combat rheumatism.
It was a great honor to be there and I had an incredible experience.
I really enjoyed giving the lecture since I had a lot of genuine things to say.
I surprise myself when I say it - but it's true.


  1. Hi Miri,
    We had very good feedback from the physicians.
    Your talk about medical photography was relevant as many of these physician need and want to optimize the pictures published in mediacal publication.
    Gilad Karni - Tamooz

  2. I am really glad about this feedback !
    It was very interesting for me too.