Urban Landscapes

I have made these collages of urban landscapes and nature landscapes after a trip of a month to New-Zealand and Hong-Kong .

 I took with me only color transparencies.All the different color slides that I could find in my fridge : Daylight and  Tungsten.
When I got home I developed all the films as negative (c41) to get this great grain and contrast that you achieve with this technique.
This technique also gives the photographs more color depth and partly a feeling of a painting.

I printed the collages on canvas of very high quality , so it can function as my decorative line of work.
The sides of the canvas are printed too ,so it doesn't  need framing.

The average print size is 230 cm x 85 cm. It's quite big and it gives the room in which it is displayed a feeling that there is an extra window or light source.

The color pallet is very monochromatic ,partly because of the technique I chose for developing the films , and party because of my subject matter.

  You can see more of this series on my site - Miri Davidovitz

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