I was so happy finding Fausi Azar Inn in Nazareth that I dragged there a whole crew and shot there this fashion spread ,for the women's weekly - L'aisha.

The main room

I am really fed up with posh hotels where you have all these rules and regulations ,plus you pay lots of money for a place that is much smaller than your home.

The balcony of the hostel is still shared with the neighbors. I liked it.
So when a friend told me about Fauzi Azar Inn I went there for a weekend with my family.

Lots of local herbs at the market in the old city of Nazareth
The experience was exotic ,and I'm not being cynical.
The house is a real surprise ,you can tell it has a "story", it's located right in the old city of Nazareth ,and walking in the old city at night is really magical.
Plus -we met lots of interesting people from all over the world ,something that rarely happens in a "normal" hotel.

For L'aisha we drove up with the model Dana Dantes , who played the role of a lovely feminine artist.

One of the rooms. This one is big but does not have a private bathroom.
 Mediterranean style.

Lovely Dana.

Old doors and old tiles

Old fashioned bed linen

Great shopping in Nazareth

Photography - Miri Davidovitz
Styling -Miri Levy
Make up & hair - Inbal Masas

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