Political fashion

My new project - political fashion has been featured in Shamenet ( Haaretz) .
Check it out.

I chose to photograph Mr. Bakri because of his look and because of what he represents.
Unfortunately he had a court sitting today

Mohammed Bakri was asked to The Supreme Court today for a  session to discuss the defamation suit brought by five soldiers who fought in the Jenin battle, as part of Operation Defensive Shield, and who object to Bakri's 2003 film "Jenin, Jenin," which portrays Israeli soldiers as war criminals.
A verbal spat broke out outside the Supreme Court today between Israeli Arab filmmaker  and a former Israel Defense Forces soldier, before a hearing concerning Bakri's controversial documentary concerning the IDF's conduct during the 2002 battle of Jenin.
Mr Bakri said he "had no regrets over creating the film. If anyone needs to regret anything it’s the Israeli army which was continuously committing crimes."

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