3 days work on location

I have just finished going through the material I have shot for Vitalgo ( knitting threads company )  and I have found some nice behind the scenes shots .
We started working at 5:30 before the sun came up 

Fixing the hair , no make up for the morning shoot

Early risers - Like us

All of a sudden this group appeared next to us - training for a triathlon

Early morning beach activities - cleaning the sand

I discovered that quite a lot of people exercise very early at the beach of Tel -Aviv

Resting at breakfast time

Looking at the raw material at the beach on the laptop

At 10:00 we were already at the studio

On the second day we started shooting at a quaint neighborhood nearby  

And carried on in the studio ,using daylight all the time

We have hired this studio for its magnificent daylight


Soft feeling

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