One of the secrets of Tel Aviv is a lovely store, "Darwish" hidden in Dov Hoz Street.

The shop was run by two sisters as a child I'd occasionally buy there, with awe , a delicate embroidery or a small box. I think this is the first place that brought Israel ethnic artifacts.

For years it was the only place where I could find 
classical  Indian flip-flops.

And as with everything that interests me, I involve it in my photosSo I did in Darwish a summer
fashion production with an ethnic flair .

The Photo of the trio above was done in the nineties. On Friday I passed the shop and the door was closed. I hope everything is OK. I'd love to visit there again.

* When I wrote the above I was wondering what Ariel ,the guy on the left ,is up to these days , I've always liked him. This morning I bumped into an article about him in Haaretz - he is a successful saxophonist - Ariel Shibolet 

photo:Dudu Bachar

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