Prints for Sale

I have created this collection of prints as another line of my work.
Since I mainly photograph people I wanted to create prints that people can more easily "live " with.
So here are some living rooms where the prints have been hung and some examples of the prints.
For prices
Please contact me at - miridv@gmail.com

230 cm x 85 cm

230 cm x 85 cm

230 cm x 85 cm

180 cm x 75cm
The photos, for creating the prints, were taken with a special technique that gives them a big characteristic ,retro style,grain.
The prints you see here are printed on very fine canvas ,on the sides of the frame ,too. So you don't need an extra frame.

You can see a bigger selection on my website - miridavidovitz
 Please don't hesitate to contact me for any question.

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