The Deck at Ga'ash

Lilies on the Limestone cliff

There's a small nature reserve not far from Tel-Aviv ,the entrance is free and the place is lovely in a quite sort of way.
We go there every now and then for a picnic.
It seems that many people know the place by now but it is still nice and quiet.

On the way

The best seats

Our Picnic

The view from the cliff

The Deck - All free

A real postcard sunset

Everybody is watching the royal sun

Even modest, I'd say, but in a luxurious sort of way..

I am adding here an editorial I have shot in the resort a few years back.
Like all places I like I end up photographing there commercial work .


  1. מירי, צילומים מדהימים, מחוללי אושר אני קוראת להם, עושים טוב בלב :-)

  2. איזה יופי !
    תהני :)
    וכדאי ללכת לשם
    חג שמח