The Israelis

This is one of the first photographic projects in which I have participated .

The cover 

The train station - Lod

55 photographers were assembled for one day  to photograph A day in the life of Israel .
What a naive thought !
Turned out to be really interesting .

Tel Aviv Roof

I chose to cover some areas in central Tel Aviv and the train station of Lod, as well.

My Husband and our cat on our balcony , early morning.

Alenby st . Tel Aviv

At the time I thought that the project was fun to do but didn't give it much importance.

I love these car covers. So Surreal.

Opposite the Dizengof center , Tel Aviv

With the perspective of time I see what an interesting and important document we have created .

Bialik circus

Cleaning carpets,Tel Aviv

Hayarden st. Tel Aviv

The grocer's ,near my house

Resting , afternoon. Tel Aviv

The falling down buildings of Hayarkon st.

The book was published by the prestigious Abrams publishing house and is still available on Amazon.

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