Israel is beautiful

I love my work and it brings me to wonderful places with great people!
Recently we have spent two days in the vineyards of the Tabor winery .
What a beautiful place .
Really feels like the land of milk and honey .
Even waking up before sunrise was worthwhile.

Mount Tabor
Especially when the location is the beautiful surroundings of Mount Tabor.
Oren Sela of theTabor winery

waiting for the sun

The vineyards of the Tabor winery are spread all around the Tabor village area .

Beautiful ,rich land - many kinds of orchards , vineyards and vegetable fields.

The days are extremely hot days so it was relieving to shoot inside the well cooled cellars of the winery ,for a while.

Photographing the winemakers

Arye Nesher and Amir , the winemakers of Tabor

And then we carried on , outside , on the beautiful Ramat Sirin overlooking the Kineret , the sea of Galilee .

Michal Suday and me on a tractor

Bringing the Piano for the shoot in the vineyard

Makeup and Styling for the big party

Oren Katziri enjoying his wine

The Kinneret view from the vineyard

On top of it all everybody drank lots of wine .
You can tell we had lots of fun .


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The behind the scenes photographs were taken by Nadav Shtreimer , Asaf Shema and Miri Davidovitz

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