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  When In Rome

18/08/ 2012, 8:43 pm Traveling

Tel Avivian photographer Miri Davidovitz, a long time collaborator with The Garçonnière, has just returned from her summer vacation in Italy and Switzerland. Following her instagram account (@MiriDavidovitz) during her trip to Rome one could clearly be impressed by the number of pictures showing local elegant men.

Davidovits was happy to share some of her beautiful portraits of those Roman moments, which are always a good inspiration for the Tel Avivian men, who sometimes blame the weather for the lack of local chic.
The Italian dandy is witnessing a new global renaissance in recent years with numerous writers, fashion editors, photographers and bloggers who are trying to rediscover the famous Sprezzatura, the virtue of a nonchalant style, or as the  Oxford English Dictionary defined it: “a studied carelessness”.

All pictures pictures here were taken by Miri Davidovitz as she was using her instagram application. Meaning, also great photographers enjoying more popular ways to take pictures, searching for beauty and hunting for style.

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