The new Catalog for the Tabor Winery

Working on the Tabor Winery project has been a real pleasure .
Being out ,in these beautiful fresh smelling surroundings ,with great people and lots of wine . What more can a photographer ask for ?

After a thorough location tour we set out for 3 and a half days of shooting .

Working from dawn till late evening .

In order to give the catalog a bit of the patina of time the whole project was shot using only available light .

Very hot days , we were lucky the wine cellars are so cold .

The half (day) is for this scene in Tel - Aviv .

The highlight of the whole project has been this festive party scene, up on Ramat Sirin in the late afternoon .All the participants work in the vineyard family and friends.

We brought to the vineyard a token piano too !

Lots of children and a tractor ...

I like very much the choice of the final frames for the catalog. It was done very attentively
 by the creative director of the project - Michal Suday .

Although our original plan was to edit the files and give it a vintage look the natural beauty of the vineyards won and we hardly touched the photographs .

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