10 Top Things to do in Tel Aviv

It's pretty clear that the 10 top things to do in Tel Aviv will include :

1. The beach and the beautiful people , 
 2. The vivid and bustling Karmel Market
3. A restaurant on the seaside for lunch ,
 4. Shopping in the village-like Neveh Tzedek ,
 5. Coffee at one of the many cafes on the hip Rothschild boulevard , 
6. A visit to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art  with it's architecturally interesting new building and treasures of art,  
7.  Bauhaus buildings around the Dizengof circus and the Bialik square .

Bauhaus in Tel Aviv
 8. Strolling around the ancient alleys of the Old city of Jaffa and the hip Flee Market 
9. Supper at a trendy restaurant ,like Taizu , at this moment .
10. And drinks on the bar of the luxurious Hotel Montefiore or dancing in a cool club like the Block .

But it the next series of posts , tagged #mytelaviv , I will show you my favorite and some secret or less known places .

Definitely 2 of the 10 top men 

Beta Ve Grega cafe, in Allenby st., for example .
So stay tuned .

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