When I travel I like to read a book by a local writer , preferably about my destination. 
So before leaving to Istanbul I started reading the book , bearing the city's name , by the Turkish auther Orhan Pamuk. 
I was deeply impressed .

Especially by the term Pamuk uses to describe the mood of Istanbul - 


So I decided to try capturing it.
For the project I used black and white film, which I haven't developed yet, and also my iPhone via Instagram to take many extra pictures.

Of men going home in a dark street, of a city that was once grand , of women with dark looks , seagulls and amateur fisherman fishing on the beautiful bridge over the Golden Horn. 

Tea shops tucked under every narrow stairway 

Crowding on the bus

Waiting for the time to pass in barren tea and nargilla or shesh-besh  parlors.

Grandeur of empty ancient palaces .


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