Mazor Mausoleum

This amazing mausoleum ,from the 3rd century AD , is located on the abandoned outskirts of a small town , Rosh Ha'ain , completely
free to the public ,as you can see in the photographs .  

The majestic entrance to Mazor mausoleum

Mazor mausoleum , in which you can see the remains of 2 tombs  ,has been left almost intact ,as it was used as a Muslim mosque , after it's original purpose ,for which it was built by the Romans .

A beautiful columbarium , that can inhabit 60 birds was built next to the mausoleum .

And on the entrance stone you can see a space engraved for a Mezuza , possibly . 


Quite a place !
I bumped into it on a location scout .  
Hope to use it soon .


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