Christmas in Tel Aviv is not easy to find,So I went to Jaffa...

I love The look of Christmas, all the decorations,the red,the gold,the glitter.
But Tel Aviv does not really celebrate this holiday,naturally.So I went to the neighbor,Jaffa,and look what I have found  :

In St. Peter's Church,Jaffa -Franciscan Church

Surfer with a Santa hat in Jaffa's main street ,Yefet. December

Yafa Cafe - Literature ,coffee and learning Arabic

On a private house in one of the small streets

Municipal Xmas decorations this year! Yey

Decorations and the old Clock tower at the entrance to Jaffa

Decorations on a Bauhaus apartment building in Jaffa

Decorations shop in a side alley in Jaffa,Surreal sight.

Private house in Jaffa

Christmas in Jaffa

The Entrance room to a Christian Arab House in Jaffa.

Young Christian Arabs with Santa hats,getting ready for the night celebration

These decorations are definitely not half as glamorous as the decorations in European cities but they do have a very special Middle-Eastern touch.
I's funny to see how they are influenced by the cold countries,while Jesus was a native of this hot area. 

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