The Farmers

My first stop on the Israeli farmers trail for Kanat ,was Kfar Tabor, where I have previously photographed for the Tabor Winery's website and catalog. Oren Sela the winery's CEO introduced me to his brother,Saar Sela,who has an organic vegetable farm nearby.I took some photos of the handsome brothers at the Sela Farm and then we visited their grand parents ,who are among the founders of the village,Kfar Tabor,and are still active and working.

Oren & Saar Sela with their grandparents,Kfar Tabor

After meeting this wonderful family I decided to focus on small farmers' dynasties .
I "found" a father and son in Karkur - Roy Fridman ,who is running a dogs' pension on his grandfather's farm ,and his father,who has been farming the orange orchard ,all the years he was a bus driver,and he still does


And the father and two sons, the Gutmacher family,farmers in Yesod Hamaala,up north.

Father and sons,Gutmacher family,Yesod Hama'ala,Galilee

Since I was looking for diversity,I chose to photograph fishermen at the fish ponds of Maagan Michael.
A different kind of family.
Fishermen at the fish pond of Ma'agan Michael

And as I like the idea of older farmers still working,and the oldest ones ,I am told,are amongst the Bee-Keepers,I went to Neta'im to photograph Mr. Amnon Zeigerman of the Amnonim Bee Farm.
Mr. Amnon Zeigerman,Beekeeping,Neta'im
Oren & Saar Sela with their grandparents,Kfar Tabor

Mr. Fridman and son Roy Fridman,Karkur

Father,sons and grandchildren,Gutmacher family,Yesod Hama'ala,Galilee

Mr. Amnon Zeigerman,Beekeeping,Neta'im

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