The Bicycle Master

 Arnon Fisher is one of the coolest and nicest people in Tel Aviv.
I guess that he is blushing now, since he is very shy too, but he deserves the compliments.

Arnon is the man behind the bike shop Gordon Bennett and he is the
  designer and creator of the very cool brand Middleasta ( I love the name too), of hand made city bikes.
Gordon Bennett (3 Nitzana st. Tel Aviv) celebrated recently 8 years of operation. 
 The store is a meeting place for urban riders arriving to assemble or fix bikes new or old, and consult with Arnon on any topic as for bicycles.

 Apart from Arnon's healthy obsession with bikes he also has great style. I have already photographed him once for a fashion editorial

And last week I visited him in his new amazing place.
Stay Tuned, I'm hoping to photograph there fashion.

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