Things to do in Tel Aviv on Saturday - Shabbat

Let's say you've spent two wonderful weeks in Israel and your flight is on Saturday evening.
 You have already checked out of your hotel, it's very hot and you don't want to go to the beach because you have nowhere to wash before you fly.
What do you do?
Almost everything is closed on Saturday in Tel Aviv, and you are too hot to wander in the streets the whole day.

Well, here are a few options.
The Tel Aviv Museum is a great place. Lots of interesting exhibitions and great air conditioning.
The museum is very central and interesting architecturally too.

The Tel Aviv Museum is interesting and open on Shabbat

It's open on Saturdays  10:00 - 18:00.
There is an admission fee and it's worth it. 
A bit more about the Tel Aviv museum you can find on Barneys blog - The Window.

Another great option is the free Bauhaus Walking tour, offered every Saturday by the Bauhaus center.
 It starts at Rothschild Boulevard, the very beautiful and lively Tel Aviv boulevard. 
You can find more information about the walks on the Tel Aviv municipality website - https://www.tel-aviv.gov.il/en/Visit/Pages/FreeWalkingTours.aspx

Bauhaus in Tel Aviv

Prints of Bauhaus photos available on Marmelada Market
Great souvenir from Tel Aviv.

If you want to see and be seen THE place is Hotel Montefiore.
There probably won't be a place in the restaurant, unless you've booked but you might find a place on the bar.
 Saturday is more of a families' day but you will still meet lots of the doers and shakers of Tel Aviv.
 And you can enjoy great food and a very cool atmosphere.

Hotel Montefiore - The place to see and be seen. Two major Israeli DJs are having a late breakfast on the bar in this photo : Adi Shabat and Ella Gutman
Another view - Hotel Montefiore's smoking room

It is important to note that shops and markets are closed on Shabbat ( Saturday ).
 There are lots of Mini Markets open for food and drinks, but nothing else. If you really need your shopping dose look for special sales on Time Out Israel or on bulletin boards around the city.

Bulletin Boards with lots of information

And one last tip - there are free showers at every beach in Tel Aviv. So you can still change your mind and go to the beach.

Shabbat = Saturday in Israel


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