My daughters

I have two daughters.
I photograph them as a mother- each step and each smile, and as a photographer - a thousand clicks ,each step and each smile .
Every now and then I photograph them for my projects.

I started using Rona in fashion shoots when she was 1 year old ,more or less.
In this photo she is 6 years old , I think. Which makes it 11 years ago. Wow!

I photographed Mandy , the little one ,in my projects , from a very young age.

But this picture is the only one in which I photographed them both together.

It was the coldest day of the year and the whole crew was bundled in winter coats and hats.
Only my two little girls were modeling the summer clothes of Comme Il Faut.
When I work I have no mercy.:)
Little Mandy is a natural model , and Rona has moved behind the camera already.

You can see more pictures of my daughers and more children photography on my site www.miridavidovitz.com

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