Rock & Roll Tel- Aviv

I always was envious when I saw in Europe all those posters advertising up and coming concerts.
One of the pleasures of trips abroad was to see these posters showing all the biggest names in music and when and where they would be appearing.
Especially if it was of people that I then respected like Neil Young,Lou Reed or Radio head.
A pleasure.
A few months ago,not certain exactly when,I started noticing that these type of posters were appearing on walls and fences around Tel Aviv.
Simple aesthetics,showy colors ,striking names ,slapped onto walls and entrances to abandoned buildings informing to all of appearance dates and places of local and international groups.
One morning while sipping my morning espresso and flicking through the pages of "gallery" I came across this image from the new film of Jim Jarmush.
Even though this image is from Barcelona in what looks like the atmosphere that can be seen in the Gothic quarter,it triggered in me what turned into a series of shots in the streets of Tel Aviv with these posters.
Intuitively I decided that the hip model,Dana Friman,would be ideal for this shoot.
She simply became the scene,and to my surprise and joy even decided to do the styling.
I did a location search and decided on Ben Yehuda and Levontin as the most suitable areas for the shoot and with an early start of 5 AM in order to be in the shade of Ben Yehuda we started to shoot on what turned out to be the hottest day in Tel Aviv.
Musical instrument cases were generously provided by Asaf Amdursky and Ofer Eckerling.
Again thank you.
These pictures can be seen in the latest edition of "AT" magazine.

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