I have always loved fashion.
Even as a girl of 12 I would fill in all my notebooks with drawings of skinny long legged girls wearing all the latest fashions that I came across in the magazines of the day(Honey,Elle,vogue,Marie Claire,) or else I would invent my own fashions and draw them wearing my latest collection.
With this background though when I decided to study photography I didn’t think of fashion photography as my driving force.
When I got to Haddasah College in Jerusalem, my heroes in photography were those of the National Geographic.
The first photographic book that I purchased was one of Annie Leibovitz and Mary Ellen Mark,both documentary photographers of note.
Even today although I specialize in fashion photography,I show it in many forms from many unexpected places.
For instance my last fashion shoot for Shamenet (Cream) of Haaretz , did start out with a fashion influence.
In one of the many magazines that I follow I saw a photo from the fashion show of the house of Balmain and I thought that the style exciting ,ie modern rock n roll.

I entered the word balmain into the search engine in order to print out this image to show the team before the shoot.What jumped up was this photograph from a photographer by the name Balmain.

Since I was looking to combine clothes of L.A style with an atmosphere of nostalgia,this photo pointed me in the right direction.
A couple of girls in an open composition in a lane with attitude.
I went out to search for the lane.I found it in the area of the Scottish House in Jaffa , where the lanes in its vicinity have never been “upgraded” . They still retain their authenticity.
When I browsed through the location shots I decided to photograph the article with a feeling of perspective and depth and not exactly like in the Balmain shot which was set on a flat background.

The shoot was organized down to the smallest detail but the actual execution was far more complicated than what I had imagined.The reason was that I had picked the models according to their height as I wanted real fashion models as in my early drawings in my school notebooks.I requested models of over 1metre 80cms but on the actual day of the shoot ,even though they were lovely ,they were not very experienced models and I spent most of my precious time in directing them on how to stand.The second photo was shot almost in the dark.
Usually I am very precise in arranging the shoot around the amount of daylight available to me,but this time I had to do the best in a forever diminishing light,which gives a dark haze to the photographs.
However when I finally could check-out the results of the day back at my studio,I realized that the shots taken in the diminished light were more attractive to me and so decided to treat the first shots in order to give them the same darkish effect.

Of course I worried about how this would pass in printing but I think I succeeded.
The cover shot I had to do in the studio.

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