My first job from the net

I met Claudia Manukian on the net - first through The Marker Cafe ( Israeli social network )and then through Facebook.
From time to time she responded to my posts and I checked out her work and was impressed.
A week ago I received from her a call.She is in need of photos. And so began the first project for me coming directly from the net.
I must admit that it's very exciting.
I include some "behind the scenes " shots and soon will write a post on the actual shoot.

Kadoori,the stylist and Nirit the make-up artist arrange the clothes and make-up on Rima the
Today,the day of the shoot,falls the heaviest downpour of the year.
We photographed under the yarkon bridge because of this and not on the background of a large concrete wall that had first been decided on.
After 5 scenes in the rain we decided to return to the comforts of the studio and continue there.

The model,Rima,simply was freezing in Claudia's light scarves.
In the studio you have to pay more attention to all the small details.
Claudia does some final Touch-up

and Kadoori sticks Q-tips into Rimas cuckoo to help it stand for the shot.
....more discussions and touch ups and not even the last ones.

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