Production value or how to shoot a catalog in Israel

When I showed Sharon Shaveet the photos that I did for Claudia Manukian a week ago she commented  "that's production value
That looks like a million dollars but cost pennies
All to your talent"
I immediately noted what Sharon said as it sums up so well fashion shoots and catalogs in general and especially here in Israel.
I have always said that as an Israeli photographer even if I am sent out into the desert without film(or a digital card)I would come back with good results :)
That's how it is here.We learn to work commando.
I try to always work under the best conditions,a professional team with a good budget,however I don't let the conditions affect my work.
I go for the desired results.
If there is a good budget I'm happy ,if not I suit myself to the facts.
Such was the conditions around the shoot for Claudia.
After a telephone call I noted down the direction and ideas of the shoot.
Avant- Gard attitude ,artistic background of concrete,dramatic.contradictory to the light and flimsy clothing,to have them shine through the stark surrounding,naked,not routinal.
I contacted Kadoorie,the stylist,because of what he could bring to the shoot,his experience with materials and to Nirit Hirshman,the make-up artist who specializes in a clean modern look.
I started a location search and found a wall in Jaffa and another large concrete wall on the way to the Exhibition Grounds.
Checked out how many tall models would be suitable for the collection and passed on the info to Claudia.
A short production meeting comprising myself,Claudia and Kadoorie,where we decided to add red accessories and shoes(as in Comme de Garcons) and other red objects and we had the general ideas for the shoot.
The day of the shoot came and with it torrential rain.
I insisted on trying to go ahead with the shoot outdoors as Kadoorie and I were still optimistic as in "the rain will give it a certain effect".
However we had to change location as a wet concrete wall just looks ugly.
Kadoorie bought up the idea to shoot under the Yarkon bridge.
We managed to do 4 shots before the model was too cold to continue and so regrettably returned to the studio.
This wasn't planed for.Now what to do to keep the integrity of the shoot?
We added the red background and by adjusting the make-up and accessories we closed on a slight Japanese effect.
Strong poses
a little nudity
Million dollar.
I recommended to Claudia to work with a certain graphic artist as it was important for me to bring out the best in the work.
I am now waiting impatiently to see the results.
A printed scatology and the internet site.

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  1. miri my dear it has been a great experience!!! the team was extra professional!!! i have learned allot! thank you