white city of Tel -Aviv

One of my favorite locations in Tel Aviv is the white circus environmental installation of Dani Karavan.
This large white sculpture is located in a park on a hill overlooking the real city of Tel Aviv with views to all four directions.
The view from this park is charming as it is not cluttered with power lines or ugly buildings and the work of art itself is very interesting to use in a photograph.
The elements which make up the installation function on two levels:
Firstly it is very symbolic.
It's different parts represent the different elements of the historical white city of Tel Aviv - a world renowned UNESCO heritage site.
And secondly , the parts are themselves strong geometric forms, like a pyramid ,a square etc , which can be used well to create bold ,clean images.

Last week I spent there a whole day from sunrise to sunset photographing the new Yael Orgad catalog.

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