Penthouse and Pavement

My second love after photographing people is photographing  buildings .

 Buildings have always been an inspiration.

I like looking at buildings and imagining  the different lives people lead in them.
I like the shapes they create in space :

40's Retro shoot for Maariv on the stairs of Independence Park , TLV

And the stories they tell :

Light bubble - fashion for 42 Degrees

Sometimes I see a building and it drives me to create a story I can photograph in it ,around it.
Like this building in Nveh Tzedek that was being renovated and reminded me of a famous photograph of Horst 

Which inspired us to create a photograph with dancers inspiration :

Dancers in Nveh Zedek - Hadashot magazine

We did not know then that this building site is going to turn into the Suzanne Dallal center for dance :)


Or the Ankori school on Pinsker St. which has just been newly painted and reminded me of the stairs in Alice in Wonderland ,hence the hats,cards and bottles 

Fashion , Hadashot

This photograph was later chosen for an exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum , and this is taken from the catalog :

One of my photographs from the exhibition A Temporary Documentation ,at the Tel Aviv museum

The catalog of the exhibition - A Temporary Documentation

Sometimes it works the other way around - I have an image in my head and I go looking for a suitable location .
Like in this coming photograph I did on the top of a high rising building overlooking other tall buildings 

Illustration for Extra magazine

My love for buildings is combined with my musical tastes : A great influence has always been Talking Heads' music 

Talking Heads often sing about cities ,buildings and homes... combined with my personal observations it  led me to create this photograph based on a falling down house in Ben Yehuda st. and a musician's life

Dana Friman for "AT" magazine

Another building , the IBM building ,inspired this photograph , which I secretly call - my Penthouse & Pavement period :)
It has  also appeared in a beautiful book dedicated to
Tel -Aviv : Hot City , edited by Ronit Shany

Fashion for Hadashot in the book Hot City

My very recent" building inspiration" led to creating a Templar style fashion shoot

I have been invited to see Sharona , a new building project 

And seing these photographs from the 18th century inspired me to create this fashion editorial for Shamenet 


  1. הפוסט הזה כמו נכנס באופן מיידי אל זרם הדם שלי. דוקא זה, שסוף סוף פתר לי את החיבור הכמעט אוטומטי שאני מרגישה לרוב הצילומים שלך.
    ההבנה של נוכחות הסביבה והחלל
    כחלק בלתי נפרד מנושא הצילום. מהאובייקט עצמו, מהתמה הסיפורית שמובאת, על מכלול דימוייה, דרך העדשה.
    תודה גדולה מירי, ושנה נפלאה, ברוכה ופוריה.

  2. תודה מיכל :)
    בחירת התמונות והכתיבה ,מאפשרים לי לנסח דברים . גם לי זה מסביר .. הרי אני עושה הכל (כמעט הכל) אינטואיטיבית. הבחירות גורמות לי ליצור הקשרים שלא היו ברורים לי קודם

  3. איזה יופי איזה תמונות מדהימות אומנות לשמה אתגדולה שנה טובה אילנה