Slow Photography

My work is usually very fast .
Planning ,shooting ,post production ,design ,print . This whole process adds up to about a month , maximum two.
So it was really surprising to meet a client with a different pace in this hectic world of advertising .


The work on the campaign for the premium cosmetics company Iconix took almost 3 years .

When Noa of the branding firm Neogroup contacted me the only thing that was known would be the white dots on the model's face and the design of the packaging.

The inspiration for the dots came from the shape of DNA strings

Hence the clinical, technological and slightly futuristic look&feel of the photo shoot .

 To achieve this look I came up with a few ideas - bright white studio light with a blue hint , severe styling ,a few unusual angles of photography and a sculptural hair style.

Finding the right model took us ages .
We were looking for a model that would look convincing using anti- aging cosmetics and still look stunning .
Roni Goldstein the founder and CEO of Iconix came up with the idea of using the amazing Nina Brosh .
The negotiating took quite a while but then she was ours and worth it .

Because we worked so precisely on the pre production the actual shooting was very fluid and progressed like clockwork .

My small team for the day consisted of  Lior Green on the make up and hair ,

 Dana Friman on the styling ,Tal Givony assisting me ,Noa Fulman and Philippe Boulakia , from NeoGroup , art directing and the clients - Inbal and Roni Goldstein .

The star of the day was Nina who didn't miss a frame .
I think that she is one of the best models I have ever worked with - very centered and projecting a new emotion in each click .

 We worked very precisely on the retouching with Avram Galily  , sending back and forth proofs of the images until we got the balance we were looking for between cold and warm .

 After all was ready, started the work on the site for Iconix , since all the sales of the company are done online or by telephone.

 So apart from the beautiful presentor ,Nina ,it was decided to use real women who would testify about the benefits of using the products .

We chose five very good looking women of different ages and occupations and I have shot them in the studio in the same spirit as the first photo shoot .

There was a bit of a dilemma whether to keep the same atmosphere or to go for a more real feel but then we decided to go for the first direction .

After this shoot came a long and very precise and detailed process of working on the site . Finally, since last week Iconix.co.il is on line and I am really excited .

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