Allenby Street revisited

Allenby Street has always been the ultimate expression of urban life .
That's why I chose to place there this image

Which was part of a fashion editorial

Featuring office wear

While expressing my feelings about city life .

In the last decade city life ,all over the world ,and Tel - Aviv in particular ,has become much more pleasant ,and Allenby st. is part of the change.
It's beautiful old buildings slowly being revealed and many sweet cafes and bars opening along this very long street .

Nevertheless , walking along it one can see that the street is still very rough .  Many homeless begging or just lying in the street , junkies trying to get a deal , workers waiting for the bus home and a hell of a lot of traffic . The street is noisier than Broadway !

I took some shots with my iphone .... Kind of a stage for human expression .

This might be the beginning of a new project ...

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