Behind the Scenes with Yaara

Telling the story of telling a story…

Shooting on location is always nice . Being outdoors , fresh air ,lovely sights , but also much more complicated . Wind ,sand ,water ,having to walk ,having to carry.. so there .
Here are a few insights into a new shoot :

The wind made our beautiful model , Yaara ,cry ...

Working on location demands , often , being  very flexible . Changing outdoors...

 Walking a long way from the changing room to where we shoot

Concentrating . There are people around..

My husband ,Brent ,came for a visit on his bike :)
We all chat a little .

The shoes are always put on at the last minute, here on a rock..

The water suddenly came in

Keren Naftaly , the stylist of the shoot , is getting Yaara ready . Chilly .

When very tiered - joking is the best remedy .


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