White Winter

  Winter is still nowhere to be seen in Tel - Aviv , nevertheless ,our forecast is a white winter . Especially fashion wise .

It was our talented stylist's , Keren Naftaly ,idea to shoot our white story for La'isha magazine ,at the beach . It's always beautiful and wide open .
But since I imagined the white a bit rough I suggested to do the shoot at a specific dramatic spot on Tel- Aviv's shore , where the river (Hayarkon) meets the sea and industry meets nature .
Opposite the Reading power station and the small bridge next to it .

The Reading Power station , was built in 1938, during the British Mandate for Palestine and has been a real Tel - Aviv landmark ever since .

One can see Reading's tall chimney from almost any spot in Tel Aviv.

The station's impressive 1930s era architecture has been emphasized  by the recent restoration work ,which brought it back to it's original condition .

Anyway , the location is just part of the story .

We were lucky to have a beautiful day in November , warm yet cloudy , so the model could open her eyes even in the sun .

Our beautiful model ,Ya'ara Benbenishty ,has very light grey eyes and the salty sea breeze made her cry a little , which suited our story perfectly .

Now all we need is some rain to wear all these great white outfits .

Makeup - Avivit Mugrabi
Hair - Ohad Dagan


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