Jisr az-Zarqa

Fixing fishing nets. "Fishing is hard work" says Mohamad .

Proud mother of eleven children, eight of them are boys ,at the family hut by the beach where they spend all the days working and go back to sleep in the house at Jisr az-Zarqa town.

Jisr az-Zarqa is very photogenic but terribly neglected,by the authorities and by its citizens.
Located on the sea shore in one of the most beautiful spots in Israel ,this small Arab town has a lot of potential .I really hope that something moves and things start changing .

Preparing for fishing at the fisherman's port of Jisr az-Zarqa

Young man proud of his horse

Even for someone like me who loves simple places this place is just too messy at the moment .
Everyone we met was really friendly and smiling . I hope that this is a sign for a better future.


  1. מאיפה האופטימיות? הלואי
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    1. המקום פשוט כל כך יפה שאין ספק שיתקדם ויהפוך לפינת חמד מבוקשת ומתויירת .בוא נקווה שלא מבוקשת מדי מה שיגרום לייחוד שלו להתמסמס