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Narkis Tepler is a very cool and busy dj. She is also a friend I like a lot.

So I've asked her a few question about what she does, about becoming and being a dj :

Where are you from ?
I'm from Zoran , a small city near Kfar Saba. Before that I lived in a village called Kfar Netter. 

Did you grow up listening to records? 

My father always woke us up on Saturdays with very loud music, he likes many kinds of music so sometimes it was Pink Floyd and then some opera, and Bach, Janis Joplin, Freddy Mercury, and also Mati Caspi, but everything was really loud and crazy. I have a picture of me, as a baby, eating records, and my parents took the picture and didn't take the records away because they didn't believe they should say no to me and they wanted me to feel free to explore, so I did...  

Were you always musical ?

I think I've always been into music, but who isn't ? I remember the day I learned  rhythms in kindergarten, and as an adolescent I was busy in a search of new styles, attempts to make music, dancing until the age of 16, dance and music are intertwined. I was always bringing my friends tracks and checking to see if they also love it or is it just my whim. And I was a little snobby and always I refused to dance at parties to too sappy songs. I was sitting down during those songs, it was my protest. Music has always bothered me if it wasn't very good. I think all music needs to be everything, and everything has to be precise, fine, nothing less. Otherwise it was inappropriate to create the music. It's misuse of existing foundations and it is offensive to the ears.

What other jobs did you do  before you became a DJ ?

During my life I have worked in every job there is. From being in a cow costume in the Shefayim Mall and dishwashing at Aroma coffee shop, to the management of Digital Media of Comedy Central and MTV Israel.

First gig ?

My first gig was a party called "Pussy Galore", after doing P.R. for the line of these parties, I've  asked to play the music. I was wearing a green wig, Aladdin pants, silver halter-top. I played unrelated things, that today I would not even listen to at home, a mix of electro and rock, it was awful, but still it seemed that everybody was enjoying it like crazy and I've fairly flew about myself. I was not really self-critical so it seems, I was about 20, I guess it is related.  

 Dream club ?

I suppose my  dream club is Berghain, but I think that playing at the festival like Fusion in  Germany, outdoors,in  unexpected weather,pleasant sunshine that turns into  torrential rain, thousands of partygoers getting wet and sinking a little into the mud, and no one breaks or goes home because everything is so good and exciting, it's my wet dream. Literally. And regardless of the club, a good crowd could be anywhere. If the atmosphere is connected it can always be memorable.

 DJ icon ?

There are many DJs I really like.Just to mention a few :  Levon Vincent, Carl Craig, and DJ Chloé


.I have been playing along with two from this list, I guess I'm in a good place in life altogether. Great question.

Personal style ?

Personal Style - I don't know if you asking about music or clothes ,
About music - I am connected to techno and disco, and lots of other genres, whatever challenges me in some way, everything that has real, fat, flesh and emotion.
About  clothes - I have colored festive moods, but mostly I prefer classic dark.
Sometimes pulling a kimono with flowers but mostly it's clean and black.

 Photography & Interview - Miri Davidovitz
Styling - Dor Mordechai
Makeup & Hair - Dan Michaeli


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