Ohad Naharin in the Nineties

I was so impressed and moved by Mr. Gaga, Tomer Heymann's documentary about choreographer Ohad Naharin, that I searched my archive for material from the session I did with Naharin in the Ninties, and found a whole lot of color transparencies and black/white negatives.

The session started in my studio, where I shot Naharin and Hannah (the amazing dancer with him) in the office I had in my studio at the time.  It was actually Naharin's idea ,and one of the only times I let anyone sit at my desk :) I suppose I liked the contrast between my practical office and these two "creatures" sitting in it peacefully.

After that we went to the "Tropical Gardens" of Ganey Yehoshua, the way I've originally planned.

 You could see in the above 3 photos how we were trying different hats...

  And finally decided to use the black one.

 The session was commissioned by Yedioth Ahronot. 
The stylist I was working with at the time was Mira Fridman.

I love working with dancers because they can do anything you ask them to, plus - they are very concentrated at work.
I basically chose to photograph Naharin and Hannah like "Strange Fruit", or in the Garden of Eden. 
While Naharin looks a bit like a magician operating a doll, it reminds me also of the story of Golem

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