Ms Julie - Egyptian cuisine in HaCarmel Market

In one of my recent photo shoots, which took place in Kerem Hateymanim
 the producer had a brilliant idea
 Instead of ordering catering, and us eating from plates on our knees, 
she booked us to a small restaurant
nearby - Julie

My crew filled up all the tables of the little place
And the food was delicious 
I was also charmed by the relaxed atmosphere

The small kitchen at Julie's

And I promised myself to return 

Julie Uzon, chef and owner. " I love smoking" she says

The opportunity occurred yesterday
and after having lunch, I visited the kitchen
And chatted a little with friendly Julie herself
The owner and main chef of Julie's at Hacarmel market
Egyptian dishes, delicately seasoned 

Julie was born in Cairo and came to Israel at the age of seven.
In the restaurant she recreates the tastes and smells of Cairo, 
which is the flower of the Middle East,
she told me .

The stalls of Shuk Hacarmel across the street fro the restaurant

The restaurant is located in the heart of Shuk Hacarmel, surrounded by stalls, which make it all the more friendly and inviting.
The staff contains a few very friendly women, including her daughter, which Julie designates to be the heir of her empire.
The restaurant is open for lunch only, and the food is freshly prepared every day. 

Julie - 42 Malan st. corner of Yom Tov
open Monday to Friday

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