Landscape on Canvas

Today we hung my first work of a series of ten in the furniture design shop "Elemento" in Tel-Aviv.
The series grew out of a meeting I had with the owner of Elemento,Yossi Goldberg.
Yossi was once an art director and we worked on many projects with different advertising agencies. A few years ago he opened Elemento, a design shop of world class standard.
Together we decided on the correct format for his clients and the correct image/images and size to best show off my work.
We poured over my substantial archives of images taken over the last few years in many places around the world where nature is the subject and light fills up the space between.
He was enthralled by the options and we decided on combining in this first set conflicting images of nature and city life.
I started to work on collages of work I have from my last trip to New Zealand and Hong kong interspersed with images of Tel Aviv at night.
All the images were photographed in slide format,developed as negative and then scanned to a digital format .This treatment imparts to the images grain,high contrast and adds a monochromatic texture as of a painting..
Then many hours of aligning one image beside or under another ,playing with the size of each image relative to its neighbor until I got to the final results which can be seen in a catalog at Elemento.
These prints are on canvas and I used the professional services of two printers in order to decide on the final print.
The actual size of these first prints are 230cms on 85cms,and can be seen at Elemento , Rothschild Blvd 119,Tel Aviv.
All the prints are of a limited edition of 20 prints per scene.

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