sign of the times

There are some photographs that I try to stamp with "the sign of the times".
I met up with Sahar Shalev and Eyal deLeo on the net.
I stumbled upon their beautiful and interesting blog "Hagarconniere" and started to respond.
They in turn began to comment on my photos.
I first met Eyal at the entrance to a restaurant and we both recognized each other from our respective profile photos.
Then I met Sahar in much the same manner.
When i thought of the next photographs in a fashion spread for the magazine Shamenet ( Haaretz) ,where the subject was to be of "a known gallery owner and stylist of T.A",
I imagined one photograph would be of her and local artists in a trendy spot.
Immediately I thought of Eyal and Sahar,artists and stylists combined in a dynamic duo.
Modern men.
I propositioned them and they responded in the positive.
The photo shoot was our first real meeting.
I believe there will be many more.
Sahar is on the right,Eyal on the left with Sandrina in the middle.

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